The perfect platform for students to network, collectively ideate and develop apps making use of the latest cutting edge technologies, the IEEE NSUT HACKATHON is designed to challenge the out of the box, quick thinking of the participants, continously, over a gruelling 24 hours.


To rejuvenate that competitive spirit and revive that knack for programming, IEEE-NSUT presents a contest which has been calculatingly crafted to blow the participant's mind away.

There are no rules for this competition. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. However, the awesome set of goodies would be awarded only to students pursuing an undergrad degree in India.


Do you think you know your buddy? Do you have the ability to adapt to your buddy's approach? Test your analytical and coding skills at the same time! Sounds interesting, right? IEEE NSIT presents you one of the most awaited events under Tech Week'18.

Teams of 2 will compete in a time-bounded coding contest in which each member will begin writing code for the first half duration. After halftime, they'll have to submit their unfinished code and swap systems to complete their partner's code. The members will not be allowed to communicate at any point in time during the contest.


IEEE NSUT presents you an opportunity to test your analysis and solution orientation skills with a case study challenge. This is a case study designed for you to get yourself motivated and learn Entrepreneurship.

The students can come up in teams of 2 or 3 and have 30 minutes to decide their presentation.It will provide a real time insight on the challenges faced by startups in today's time. So, enthusiasts put on your thinking caps and let the brainstorming begin!


Did you think that soccer could only be enjoyed if you physically played it? Well!NO!

And you can have just as much adrenaline with- ROBOSoccer- the battle of the bots. Engineer your bots and get ready to bring out the hidden Messi in you. Its football time and no-one plays soccer better than the engineers, in their own sophisticated way.

Students are required to design, build, and program two robots to compete in a dynamic game of robot soccer against an opposing pair of robots. Gear up for the challenge and get your manual soccer playing robots ready in order to compete on the big stage.


The road to success is never a straight one.It always has certain twists and turn.Well,this philosophy is not just valid for humans anymore as we wanna make the bots undergo the same.Make your bots follow the track to race against the time and reach the finish line!

Gear up, hold your chairs tight and devote your time to making your own robot. Master it on ‘the day’ and win exciting prizes! The objective is to make your own line following robot which can complete custom tracks accurately in the shortest amount of time. So get into full engineering mode and build the robot to beat them all!


All electronics lovers, get ready for the rollercoaster ride of analog and digital circuits as CIRCUITRIX is back with more challenging and mind- twisting questions!

  • First round: Online Screening Round
  • Second round: Software Simulation Round
  • Third round: Hardware Implementation Round

Tech Talk in Collaboration with WomenWhoCode

IEEE in collaboration with the WomenWhoCode (WWC) has brought the most thought-provoking and inspiring Tech Talk by none other than the Director of WWCD herself, Mala Gupta. A Java Champion, she works as a Developer Advocate with JetBrains. Mala has a passion for reducing the Skills Gap in the IT sector and has authored several books and mentored several professionals to achieve the same. She has truly bought the worlds of Creativity and Technology together by cofounding sites like and Come and get Inspired by her words.

Let’s Talk Tech.

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