NSUT TechWeek'19


March 30-31, NSUT, Dwarka


30th March

8:00 AM - Registration

9:00 AM - Inauguration

10:00 AM - Hacking Begins

4:00 PM - Ice Breaking Session

7:00 PM - Mentoring Session 0

31st March

12:00 AM - Fun Activities

3:00 AM - Mentoring Session 1

9:00 AM - Mentoring Session 2

10:00 AM - Final Evaluation


Artificial Intelligence

From bots, to personal assistants, and shopping automation, what the future holds for artificial intelligence can be described for sure with at least one word; Exciting. Our machines and devices are getting faster, more efficient and slowly learning to do things on their own.


Today's most exciting use cases for blockchain technology extend far beyond payments and digital currency. With the advent of "smart contracts" and turing-complete frameworks, blockchain technology has evolved far beyond just bitcoins. It is time to join the Web 3.0 revolution!

Internet of Things

A world of devices connected by internet opens up opportunities for us that were previously unthinkable. Innovative apps can be built that can allow devices to share data and take intelligent decisions.

Machine Learning

Are you fascinated by how Netflix recommends the movies you’ll like? Have you wondered what is the Google algorithm that shows you such accurate search results? Machine Learning is behind these innovations. It represents a key evolution in the fields of computer science, data analysis, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.


None of us need to search far for a friend or family member impacted by sickness or injury. At our most vulnerable moments, we are confronted with a healthcare system woefully incapable of meeting the current demands. We are calling on all hackers and sponsors to innovate for a healthier future.


The financial services industry is facing a wave of digital disruption that is starting to reshape the sector. This industry is currently the second-biggest target for disruption, after health care.

Future Mobility

From self driving cars to smart cities software and sensor technology is changing the way we move around. Hate traffic? We too. Hate pollution? Same. Hate finding a parking spot? Yep. Join the Future Mobility track and solve these problems.


VR and AR is the extension of our minds, and is meant for those interested in building immersive, engaging experiences for real industry applications. From fashion and sports to data visualisation and engineering to education and healthcare, every sector will be impacted by the rise of VR & AR.